Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces - Heriot Hott featured Book!

Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces - Heriot Hott featured Book!

A while back we were asked to be featured in Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces. We couldn't believe something that started in lockdown between friends had reached so many people across the UK, including our very own soon-to-be-friends and award-Winning Drinks Writer, author and regular TV presenter Neil Ridley and producer for the Bowling Green Mastering, Dean Honer.

The story of Neil Ridley

Neil Ridley is a respected spirits writer and presenter, renowned for his expertise in the world of alcoholic beverages, mainly whisky and cocktails. With an appetite for drink and food, Neil has carved out a distinguished career in the drinks industry and has led himself to branch out into the world of hot sauce. His passion for the craft is evident in his engaging writing style and charismatic on-screen presence. In 2012, Neil had his first book published- 'Let Me Tell You About Whisky' (Anova), which has been so far been translated into five languages. He has contributed to renowned publications such as Whisky Magazine, The Telegraph and is even makes regular appearances on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch. Up until 2016, Neil was the Chairman of the World Whiskies Awards. By compiling a guide to some of the world's best hot sauces, Neil aimed to provide enthusiasts with a comprehensive resource to discover new flavours, learn about different culinary traditions, and perhaps even inspire others to do the same. He did this with his close friend and confidant, Dean Honer, a man who has a deep understanding and love for hot sauce cuisine.

Image (above) : taken from featuring Neil Ridley

...and his hot sauce enthusiast friend Dean Honer

Dean Honer, is a multifaceted musician, producer, and composer known for his eclectic contributions to the music industry. With a career spanning decades, Honer has left an indelible mark on various genres, from electronic and experimental music to film soundtracks. With a keen eye within the creative industry, it seems that Dean has a passion for those on the same mission as him. An eventful night performing with Iggy Pop in Texas turned him into a hot sauce fanatic and the rest of their US tour was spent exploring the taco trucks, boutique sauce shops and farmers markets, in search of the perfect hot sauce and the hottest chilis.

Image (above): taken from Yorkshire Post featuring Dean Honer

About Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 of the World's Best Sauces

"Whether you’re a fan of heat or flavour, this is the book for you. With absolute classics and a plethora of new and unusual sauces from nearly 50 countries, discover everything you need to know about hot sauce. From moderately mouth-tingling Secret Aardvark Habanero to alive and kicking Diemen’s Stinger, this indispensable guide takes you through an expert selection of the world’s best.

In addition, you’ll find an extensive introduction that covers the history, culture and science of hot sauce, tips and tricks from the top industry ‘saucerers’, as well as a seriously tasty recipe for your own homemade style – not to mention 10 simple, mouth-watering recipes for pairing with your collection.

This is a fun and fiery celebration of the global phenomenon that is hot sauce."

Below: An interview of Dean Honer talking about the Hot Sauce Book with the Yorkshire Post



What this means for Heriot Hott

Heriot Hott's Roasted Pineapple and Yellow Fatalii Hot Sauce was amongst the many that were chosen and curated into this book. It also features an interview from Professor Heriot Hott himself and how we began this venture into the food industry. One of the first sauces that we created, which combines the seriously spicy Yellow Fatalli, known for its sweet and fruity flavour, with sweet yellow peppers and pineapple. Thus, a wonderfully coloured hot sauce with some fiery flavour. Rated 7/10 on our Heat Scale, this a staple in a hot sauce lovers kitchen cupboard.

Image (above): Image taken of the first official publication of the Hot Sauce book alongside the Cherry Bourbon and Vanilla BBQ Hot Sauce and the Limited Edition King Alphonso Mango and Orange Habanero Hot Sauce
Image (above): Image taken of the Heriot Hott featured page of the Hot Sauce book. This page features our Roasted Pineapple & Yellow Fatalii Hot Sauce

To read about how the Book launch went at Honest Burger in London, read more here.

Image (above): Image taken of the Heriot Hott featured page of the Hot Sauce book. This photo was taken in Waterstones, UK where the book is stocked.
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