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King Alphonso Mango and Orange Habanero

King Alphonso Mango and Orange Habanero

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This product is Vegan


150ml per bottle

Shake well before use

Store in a cool dry place

Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within three weeks


This sauce combines the King Alphonso mango, posh spice (not that Posh Spice) saffron, and Cardi B's mother; cardamom. Known for its velvety texture and unparalleled flavour, this resplendent mango will have you ‘bending the knee'. The saffron and green cardamom this sauce pairs are reminiscent of the popular Indian beverage - The Lassi.

Using orange habaneros and the King Alphonso mango, one can expect a seriously fruity sauce with mid-scale heat.

No better way to describe this sauce’s flavour than; mango unchained! A full blown mangolorian assault on the tastebuds, with subtle saffron and cardamom notes, paving the way for a fast-building heat.

This recipe is influenced by Indian flavours and as such, we personally, would use this as a substitute of mango chutney or a combination of the two. After all, “it takes two to mango”.


Ingredients: King Alphonso Mango, Yellow Pepper, Orange Habanero, Salt, Green Cardamom, Saffron 



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