"It is known that a great hot sauce isn’t just packing heat, it has to be choc full of flavour."

"Into each bottle I have poured my care, my passion and my will to spice up your life."

The Professor in the Hott Seat:

“The name is inspired by my time at Heriot-Watt University.

At Heriot Hott we are passionate about the planet, that’s why all of our sauces are vegan and their ingredients grow close to home, so that you can enjoy them while we reduce our carbon footprint. That’s not to say that you cant use them on whatever you like!

Like many businesses, Heriot Hott started as an idea, a dream if you will, made reality with a little help from some old friends. Amongst other things, their assistance in creating logos and labels and offering valued advice has been essential in the birth of Heriot Hott.”

Liam Kerr

Founder & Sauce connoisseur

Liam created the concept for these sauces with his expertise in pairing innovative and vibrant flavours. Like many, lockdown led him to a new calling which was crafting hot sauces. Born from his love of food with a kick and puns that leave a sizzling taste in the mouth!

Geraldine Illustration

Illustrator & Designer

Ambitious in the development of spicy and colourful narratives, Geraldine has crafted Professor Hott through her research of James Watt and Geroge Heriot. Starting with just a pencil, she has burst our favourite character onto the food industry scene.