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Roasted Pineapple and Yellow Fatalli

Roasted Pineapple and Yellow Fatalli

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This product is Vegan


150ml per bottle

Shake well before use

Store in a cool dry place

Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within three weeks


One of the first sauces that we created, which combines the seriously spicy Yellow Fatalli, known for its sweet and fruity flavour, with sweet yellow peppers and pineapple. Thus, a wonderfully coloured hot sauce with some fiery flavour.

One of our hotter sauces, and certainly one to watch out for! The heat from this will build quickly and the fruitiness from the pineapple leaves you going back for more.

Its flavour profile is pineapple forward, followed by hints of caramel which come from roasting the pineapple. The lime juice and ginger give this sauce a little citrusy zing and it's ideal for use as a salsa base, a taco topping, or a burrito filler. Whatever you put it on, we’re sure you will enjoy it!


Ingredients: Roasted Pineapple, Yellow Fatalli, Yellow Peppers, Ginger, Salt, Allspice Berries, Lime Juice

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