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Mango, Chipotle and Lime

Mango, Chipotle and Lime

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This product is Vegan

150ml per bottle

Shake well before use

Store in a cool dry place

Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within three weeks


To my right, all the way from Mexico, it's Chipotle Chili Chico! To my left, the relentlessly sweet Mango Maniac! Both wrestlers come out blazing and the heat is turning up here. Chi Chi Chi, as he's known by his adoring fans, bringing the fire to this matchup as he hits Mango Maniac with a spicy suplex! Is Chipotle going to get the pin?! 1, 2... No, what's this? Is that the..? The Wedge has entered the scene! Thought to have been squeezed to a pulp by Herriot Hott Pants but seemingly back from the dead to steal the show! Chipotle looks distracted, Mango Maniac retaliates and now he's got Chi Chi Chi in the Mangolock! Will Chipotle tap out here!? Look out, The Wedge has climbed to the top rope, he looks juiced up... Signature Sour Splash from The Wedge! Chi Chi Chi and Mango Maniac are out and pinned under the massive Wedge and (actually this gives me an idea for a hot sauce) ..3 it's over! The Wedge wins it and he's escaping with the Antojitos Belt!


Ingredients: Mango (53%), Yellow Peppers, Lime Juice (10%), Orange Juice, Chipotle (5%), Sugar.

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