Who is Heriot Hott: Exploring the Legacy Behind the Scientist and his experiments!

Who is Heriot Hott: Exploring the Legacy Behind the Scientist and his experiments!

Welcome to a historical deep dive into our Scottish roots and what inspired the Heriot Hott hot sauce company to be founded by our very own Professor!

Heriot-Watt University: Inspiring the Professor's Journey

Above: Image of Heriot Watt University taken from https://www.hw.ac.uk/
Heriot-Watt University, proudly rooted in Edinburgh's rich heritage, embodies the innovative spirit of its namesakes, George Heriot and James Watt. Established in 1821 and elevated to university status in 1966, it serves as a dynamic hub of learning and discovery across its global campuses.
Renowned for its research prowess, particularly in fields such as energy and robotics, Heriot-Watt University is a vital part of Edinburgh's intellectual landscape, inspiring students to explore, create, and shape the future.

James Watt: The Genius Behind the Steam Revolution

James Watt was an eminent Scottish inventor, engineer, and chemist who lived during the 18th century. He is best known for his groundbreaking improvements to the steam engine, which played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution.
His contributions laid the foundation for modern steam-powered machinery and helped propel society into the age of industrialization.
Today, James Watt is remembered as one of history's most influential engineers, with the unit of power, the watt, named in his honor.
Above: Image of Jame Watt taken from Human Progress

George Heriot: Philanthropy and Legacy in Edinburgh

George Heriot, a distinguished Scottish goldsmith and philanthropist of the late 16th and early 17th centuries, served as the royal jeweler to King James VI of Scotland and later King James I of England.
His lasting legacy lies in his philanthropy; upon his passing in 1624, he left his substantial wealth to establish Heriot's Hospital, now known as George Heriot's School in Edinburgh.
Today, George Heriot's School remains a testament to his generosity and vision, continuing to provide educational opportunities in Scotland.

Above: An image of George Heriot taken from Wikipedia

Above: An illustration of George Heriot by Geraldine Illustration

Branding the Professor with Geraldine Illustration

When we first started branding Heriot Hott, Geraldine Illustration had the task of transforming Professor Heriot Hott into an illustration that pays homage to the pioneering spirits of George Heriot and James Watt. However, this didn't come without trial and error.

Above: Image of illustrated sketches and final label designs from Geraldine Illustration

Drawing inspiration from the facial features of these founding fathers or their specific industry, she has crafted hot sauce labels that embody the essence of modern bold colours with traditional subject matter.

Through her bold use of matching tonal shades, Geraldine has skillfully experimented with design and composition, infusing each label with a dynamic energy that captivates the eye. From the intricate details of Professor Hott's attire to the vibrant hues that evoke the fiery spirit of his sauces, Geraldine's illustrations serve as a visual celebration of Edinburgh's history and culinary heritage.

Above: A full range of the Heriot Hott Sauces

With her artistry, she has brought to life a character that not only honours the past but also represents the limitless possibilities of the future. To follow Geraldine's illustrative designs go to her Instagram, Facebook page or TikTok. You can find her on all social media under @gertiesoybean.


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